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Add Hotel to its the way it works

#1 you tell us approximately your own home
upload your home information, pictures and payment policies during your registration. as soon as we affirm your info, you set your house stay and can begin receiving reservations right now.

#2 we tell the arena approximately you
we display your home in a manner that is applicable to visitors round the arena, in as much as forty one languages. we additionally marketplace your house on serps like google, bing and yahoo to help you sell more rooms and boom revenue!

#three you get on the spot bookings & reviews
all bookings made through are confirmed instantly. guests depart evaluations in their stay which assist your destiny guests make the decision to live with you.
nevertheless have questions? learn more approximately sign up, fee and extra about how we work.
fee: a obvious partnership with robust service and guide

our worldwide common is 5%*

at we deliver you offerings and guide to fit your commission, from usually optimised advertising for each and each location to tools and guide that make your everyday easier.

  • your commission cost is calculated based on the location of your private home. the exact percent for every assets is displayed at the ‘agreement’ step of the registration system.
    how your commission works for you!

12/5 support with actual human beings via phone or e mail
pay best for bookings that live
robust, powerful presence throughout all principal search engines like google and yahoo
belongings advice and analytics to boom overall performance
no hidden expenses – one flat fee rate
marketplace particular pricing advice

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